Guardian enables whistleblowers to autonomously coordinate meaningful and actionable information - without revealing their identity.


Who needs Guardian?

Many large organizations have an ombudsman or whistleblower office. Guardian can help automate and secure this process, while also making whistleblowing accessible for other economic sectors.

  • Domestic Workers (Babysitters, Nannies, Governesses, Maids, and their employers!)

  • Corporation employees

  • School teachers

  • Actors and Actresses (Consider Bill Cosby)

  • Early career scientists

  • Government employees

  • Students

  • Young people under the care of medical professionals (Larry Nassar, for example.)

  • HR and hiring teams for sensitive industries - like childcare, elder care.

  • Users submit a report about someone else- a ‘target’- to Guardian for a fee. Fees help prevent abuse of the system and can change, increasing the difficulty of abuse. Subscribe above to get an update on our ‘Catch 22’ anti-abuse mechanism.

  • Reports don’t contain any narrative data - only identifying items like a face photo, name and location. Once submission is complete, a ‘point’ is added to the targets’ score.

  • Submitted profile information and scores are kept encrypted and private - only the system itself can see the data, points, faces and names. No humans have access to the private data.

  • Guardian constantly monitors conditions about points and their distribution. Guardian has triggers that are scientific and ‘falsifiable,’ meaning that we can test them in small communities to see what works and optimize them.

  • Once Guardian detects that triggers are met, it reveals that specific target’s information in the database.

  • Revealed profiles are then searchable for free through the app.

The basics:


The costs of existing whistleblower infrastructure exceeds several billion dollars per year across these industries in the US alone. This number doesn’t take into account the economic harms of abuse to the victims.

How bad is the need?

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