How does Guardian prevent abuse or malicious gossip? 

Guardian prevents abuse through a complex set of incentive mechanisms.

  • A programatic fee structure as well as classical anti-spam filters. As reports come in for certain targets, the fee increases, sometimes to astronomical levels in a given timespan. Even if someone wanted to pay…2 billion dollars, for instance.. to affect a score several points, the system would pay those funds to the users who maintain ‘nodes’ (a full copy of the Guardian record of data and reports.) This means that would-be abusers actually pay the victims of sexual abuse directly when they try to manipulate scores using money. Guardian will need to test and optimize fee-curves to better disincentivize malicious attacks.

  • Client Protection Puzzles. We can ask users computers to solve a hard math puzzle before they are allowed to engage the system- decreasing the likelihood that any single user will be able to rapid-fire report submissions. More information about ‘proof of work’ authentication.

  • Time preference is considered. For some use-cases, Guardian will limit the amount of reports that can be entered in a given span of time or events. This means that it takes longer to achieve meaningful results, but that they are more accurate and less manipulated.

  • No narrative details. Because Guardian is a score-based system, we don’t collect or share accusations, only moral opinion represented as a quantity. This helps Guardian reports to be a “grain of salt” system, where the recommendations of the system are not to be taken as truth but a perspective to take into account. Guardian is not a legal fact-finder and is only an aggregation of opinions.

What blockchain will Guardian operate on?

Right now, only two protocols theoretically permit the kind of privacy preservation that Guardian requires: Enigma (ENG) Protocol, and Oasis Labs Protocol. It is likely that Guardian will operate on the Enigma protocol.

Does Guardian need a token?

It will require a token to maintain certain game-theoretic benefits and pay out fees. It may use an existing token or control it’s own monetary policy.


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