💡 In Ancient Athens, the people held a yearly ritual called Ostrakon. They collected private votes and high vote-getters were banished for ten years.

"A 2014 study conducted across the 28 member states of the European Union found that only 14% of women reported their most serious incident of intimate partner violence to the police."

  • Today, people do not share certain kinds of information. They may not feel safe, may not have the money or time to pursue claims in a legal system, or simply feel uncomfortable with coming forward.

  • The information that these people have is very valuable, and helps us all make better decisions.

  • Making progress requires that we incentivize the sharing of accurate information about certain events, by reducing ‘informational asymmetry.’

  • The sharing problem happens in many industries, but almost always when there is a situation with a difference in power between the players involved.